Indigo Purple - Refurbished Nintendo Gamecube; Xeno/SD2SP mod chip. Region Free

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Indigo Purple - Refurbished Nintendo Gamecube; Xeno/SD2SP mod chip. Region Free


Please note: Ship time on this console is approximately one week 

Nintendo Gamecube, Xeno chip modified (Region Unlocked) and supplied with an SD2SP adapter for micro SD card loading

Fully refurbished to ensure console lifespan!


Available in Black & Indigo Purple as well as the Limited Editions Platinum Silver and Spice Orange!
(Check our website for more details)


This 2001 console has been fully disassembled, professionally cleaned and reconditioned including:


  • Xeno chip modification, to region unlock the console (PAL, NTSC-U & NTSC-J) as well as enabling homebrew software use.
    Note: Consoles start life as NTSC; to upgrade to a PAL motherboard (with native RGB capacity) contact us or visit our website


  • Swiss file management system set-up to support SD loading
    Swiss boot disk and SD2SP adapter included - just plug in your SD card and play!


  • Optical laser system tested and, where required, the strength adjusted or laser replaced.
    Lasers often fail first on retro consoles, which is why ensuring they are properly serviced makes all the difference!


  • 20-year-old thermal pads removed and replaced; to ensure the console is cooling effectively and to prevent overheating.


  • All internal components fully cleaned, particularly the fan system. Connections reflowed where required.


  • ABS plastic casing removed, cleaned and treated, with our own formula, to reduce the appearance of scuffs and scratches.


  • Internal and external deep clean - giving you the closest thing to factory new quality


We know how difficult it is buying retro consoles, with 99% of them sitting in attics collecting other people's dust for the last 20+ years! That's why, unlike our competitors, all our consoles are deep cleaned.

This console is supplied with:

- Console

- SD2SP Adapter

- Swiss boot disk

Cables are not included. Controllers can be found on our website

Please note: wear marks are present on this console, testimony to the device's history and character. All port covers may not be present.


KeepItRetro is a professional retro gaming company, specialising restoration, refurbishment and modification of all your favourite classic consoles



This console comes with a 14 day returns policy and a 3-month warranty

Please note: These consoles start life as NTSC, as such they are not easily compatible with RGB. Upgrade to a PAL motherboard for full RGB compatibility with the dropdown box above!