Nintendo N64 RGB Mod with Signal Amp, Region Unlocked - NTSC US & Japan

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Nintendo N64 RGB Mod with Signal Amp, Region Unlocked - NTSC US & Japan


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Nintendo N64, RGB Modified (with Signal Amp) and Region Unlocked

Fully refurbished to ensure console lifespan!

This 1996 console has been fully disassembled, professionally cleaned and reconditioned including:

  • RGB modification to upgrade video output and signal amplifier board installed to ensure strong signal.
    We use high quality TSH7316 amplifiers, which produce a sharper image than the more common TSH7314

  • Cartridge slot guide internally modified to region unlock the console to accept both NTSC US and Japanese games

  • All internal components fully cleaned, connections reflowed where required

  • ABS plastic casing removed and treated, with our own formula, to reverse UV damage and ensure original colour

  • Internal and external deep clean - giving you the closest thing to factory new quality!

We know how difficult it is buying retro consoles, with 99% of them sitting in attics collecting other people's dust for the last 20+ years! Thats why, unlike our competitors, all our consoles are deep cleaned to pristine standard

This console plays NTSC USA and JAP games and is compatible with the corresponding ROM cartridges from that region (Everdrive etc). It does not play PAL games, unless they are loaded on an NTSC ROM Cartridge

Please note some wear marks are present on this console, testimony to the device's history and character.

This console works with a UK power supply and an RGB-enabled video lead

Covered under KeepItRetro's 3 month warranty